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Vortrag (20 Min., 5 Min. Diskussion, 5 Min. Raumwechsel)

Fused Filament Fabrication (CerAM-FFF) of SiC/SiC Ceramic Matrix Composites (CMC)

Freitag (20.09.2019)
14:30 - 15:00 Uhr Heyn
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Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) is beside Stereolithography (SLA) still one of the largest and most developed Additive Manufacturing (AM) method in the plastic industry today. Compared to other AM technologies, the advantages of FFF are the fast manufacturing speed, the big building spaces and the low device costs. The advantages are relativized by a comparatively low resolution related to the nozzle diameter and layer heights at the moment.

Hence the modification of commercial equipment is very interesting to process technical ceramic materials as well. Beside the mentioned advantages further aspects are interesting using ceramic powders for FFF:

- large variety of sinterable powders, because of the thermoplastic binder system and the conventional post-processing (debinding and sintering)

- ready to use for multi-material components

- the possibility of using fiber reinforced materials (ceramic matrix composites (CMC))

- high adding value

CMC`s are materials where ceramic or carbon fibers are introduced within a ceramic matrix to enhance the damage tolerance and fracture toughness for different light weight high temperature applications. Such materials are traditionally manufactured by winding a ceramic suspension infiltrated roving onto a hub or by laminating infiltrated woven fabrics. Due to this approaches the fiber content and the degree of fiber orientation can be high. Obviously there are limitations in the complexity and a lot of manual steps as well as utilities are necessary often. Therefore AM can be an alternative route in the future. At the moment FFF is one of the few methods to manufacture fiber reinforced materials beside other extrusion methods. The advantage here is the ability to adjust fiber length (short or endless), fiber content (local or overall) and the fiber orientation.

In this study ceramic short and endless SiC fiber reinforced ceramic filaments could be produced, printed and post processed for the first time. The presentation shows basic experiments, results and outlooks for SiC/SiC materials densified by polymer infiltration and pyrolysis (PIP).


Johannes Abel
Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
Weitere Autoren/Referenten:
  • Uwe Scheithauer
    Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
  • Dr. Hagen Klemm
    Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
  • Dr. Tassilo Moritz
    Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS
  • Prof. Dr. Alexander Michaelis
    Fraunhofer-Institut für Keramische Technologien und Systeme IKTS

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